Consulting & Support AMOA

JALIX covers all the needs in IT project management and IT steering

Successful IT projects on time and on budget remain an exception with only 16% of cases.

However, management needs to rapidly deploy new applications in line with renewed business challenges.

The two keys to the success of a project are: expertise and management, and JALIX, with its integrator-consultant approach since its creation, is keen to reconcile expertise with experienced consultants and an efficient and pragmatic management methodology.

We accompany our clients in implementation missions where our sense of IT project management to meet deadlines and budgets, and in the case of IT project management where our technical expertise allows us to understand the technical issues and have a very pragmatic approach. Our latest assignments include: implementation of hybrid infrastructure MicrosoftThis is the first time that a company has been able to integrate the best of both modes; outsourcing of a trading room...

  • Project management and direction (AMOA)
  • Assistance in drafting specifications
  • Assistance in selecting service providers
  • Help in selecting solutions
  • Assistance with contract negotiations
  • CIO transition management (e.g. in case of sudden departure)


We set up simple and easily shared management tools to provide a regular and exhaustive picture of project progress.



We encourage meetings with operational contacts in order to better understand the specificities of your context and to evaluate with you the most relevant solutions.



As soon as possible and as often as necessary, we organise presentation and demonstration sessions to visualise the decisions made within the solution.

Jalix has adapted a very complete range of IT management services for SMEs:

  • Adapts to each project/client with a good methodology
  • With proven expertise in the management of relocation (premises and datacenter) or the implementation of new infrastructures
  • With extensive experience in disaster recovery planning (DRP)
  • With control of operational transitions (change of outsourcer)