Microsoft Azure Cloud

Adopt a multi-cloud strategy

90% of companies have implemented systems to take advantage of increased agility, optimal security and maximum cost optimisation.

To enable a smooth transition to the cloud, adopt a multi-cloud and hybrid strategy like 75% for medium and large enterprises.

PCI / PRI Azure

  • A dedicated IT recovery plan for SMEs.

My desktop in Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • Working from anywhere on any medium is possible with Azure.

What is Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that has everything a company needs to manage some or all of its IT operations virtually: servers, storage, databases, networks, statistics and much more.

Who uses Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Companies of all sizes are finding it useful to use a public cloud, and many are choosing Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Microsoft Azure Cloud is also attractive to many small and medium-sized enterprises. This is because it allows SMEs to avoid huge expenses for equipment purchases; it also takes the work out of upgrading and maintenance, as small organisations don't always have in-house IT experts to help them. And because Azure makes it easy to add or remove IT resources in minutes instead of hours (or days!), it provides greater flexibility that businesses simply wouldn't have with a traditional on-premises data centre.