Computerisation - Computer maintenance

Outsourcing, a strategic lever

Faced with the increasing complexity of information systems, refocusing your company on its core business, and entrusting us now with maintenance and management of your IT equipment and your applications.

Your IT partner is committed to providing you with a reliable and secure information system that will enable you to grow your business.

With its range of services in outsourcing and infrastructure, JALIX ensures the performance of information systems and provides organisations with the necessary levers to develop their activities.

  • A optimised cost management and adapted to your growth
  • A greater security to prevent the risk of intrusion
  • A liberated ecosystem infrastructure constraints
  • An expert and responsive service, oriented towards your users

Scope of our offer

  • Audit, diagnosis and infrastructure master plan
  • Outsourced or dematerialised hosting
  • Access and data security
  • User support and outsourcing management
  • Centralized enterprise applications

Available solutions

  • Analysis of hosting and infrastructure scenarios
  • Relocation, outsourcing or virtualisation of the information system
  • Data storage, security and backup
  • Implementation of managed services
  • Setting up service desks and helpdesks
  • Construction and implementation of a global security policy
  • Implementation of messaging solutions
  • Implementation of office automation solutions
  • Implementation of file exchange solutions
  • Implementation of Extranet and customer portal solutions
  • Implementation of universal browser solutions

Full customisation

  • Our managed services offer a range of options to suit your needs. You can benefit from support that is tailored to your office hours and IT complexity.
  • In addition to the supervision and support of your IS, we offer a range of optional services and solutions to strengthen your technological assets, within complete packages ensuring end-to-end deployment: outsourced hosting, collaborative portal, mobile office applications, etc.

Permanent adaptation

  • Our outsourcing offer provides a contractual commitment adapted to the evolution of your scope. Built on clearly shared work units, it allows you to adjust your supervision and assistance needs upwards or downwards.
  • Aware that your volume can change rapidly, we have set up a "flat rate" system to absorb periodic variations without any impact on your monthly price or the quality of the services delivered. As a guarantee of our commitment to proximity, our teams are also available for occasional interventions on your sites.