Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

The CRM solution that adapts to your needs and integrates fully with your office tools.

  • Effective communication and mastery of customer knowledge.
  • Prioritised sales activities and shortened sales cycles.
  • Improved customer experience within seamless journeys.
  • Additional services to personalise the digital approach.

To provide even more personalised, proactive and predictive customer experiences.

The CRM solution Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is adapted for companies looking for the best way to manage their contact base (customers, prospects, suppliers...) by all their departments (Sales, Marketing, Management...).

But not only that, it is also used to manage projects, automate operations, simplify your manufacturing and supply chain, perform basic invoicing...

Fully configurable and customisable, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 will provide unparalleled time savings and streamlining for all its users in the office and on the move.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is natively implemented in your environment and if you already use Office 365, it is fully integrated.
There is no barrier to adoption by new users, as the ergonomics are familiar and the interactivity with the different software in the Office Suite is mutual.

Finally, your data remains on Swiss territory in one of the two Microsoft datacenters.

So how can a CRM help you solve your day-to-day problems?

  • Automate parts of your sales and marketing;
  • Create a dynamic sales cycle;
  • To have a global picture of the situation to create better proposals;
  • And so much more.