Strategic partners

Jalix has partnered with ARX-ONE to protect your data. The enterprise backup solutions have been designed to ensure confidentiality and data protection. Our security model with Arx-one makes your data inaccessible to third parties, whether they are colleagues, competitors or simply the latest ransomware.

Carbonite is part of the product portfolio of the OpenText Cybersecurity. Together, the portfolios focus on improving cyber security.

Acquired by OpenText in December 2019, products Carbonite brings cyber-resilient solutions to every one of our customers, from individuals to managed service providers and businesses of all sizes.

Carbonite is an innovative company specialising in backup and disaster recovery solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their secure cloud platform offers reliable data protection, essential in today's fast-moving digital world.

The partnership between Carbonite and Jalix represents a strategic alliance aimed at providing comprehensive backup and data management solutions. By combining the expertise of Carbonite in data protection with the expertise of Jalix In addition to our consulting and integration services, our customers benefit from a comprehensive approach to securing their most valuable information. This partnership enables businesses to take advantage of best practices and cutting-edge technologies to ensure business continuity and the protection of sensitive data.

JALIX has joined forces with Formind, the French leader and pure-player in cybersecurity consulting and integration.

Thanks to this partnership, Jalix and Formind take into account all the components of a company and its information system and with this 360° vision, we ensure that we accompany our clients from the upstream phases of strategic thinking to the downstream phases of auditing and control through the operational implementation of solutions.

Transform your network and bring your business up to date with SD-WAN implementation!

Together with our partner Fortinet, we offer you these next generation solutions.

Make your data integrations easy, you should never need to know all the complexities associated with the specific application or the intricate details involved in running the web service interfaces that the underlying platform might use.

Create interfaces on heterogeneous sources, regardless of the medium, it's as easy as click and drag.

Jalix has teamed up with Levaral to offer a time-sharing CIO service. We are pooling our joint skills to support and meet the needs of companies.

LEVARAL was created with the ambition of supporting private companies, local authorities and associations in the development of their information systems.

It is the fruit of 15 years' experience in managing information systems in the public, private, medico-social and social housing sectors.

Levaral provides consultancy, strategy and project management.

Our team of consultants enables us to cover all areas of information technology, IT, telephony, cybersecurity, IT architecture and RGPD compliance.

We can support you in your search for talent or help your teams to develop their skills.

Our consultants can work on specific projects, strengthening your resources or providing shared time over long periods.

Jalix is Microsoft Partner on products :

The Microsoft Dynamics range adapts to your needs: you can consider integrating functions within your IT environment or the product to grow your business.

The solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics range are easy to use and integrated into your usual IT system. To support you at every stage of your business development, they can combine numerous modules.

Microsoft Dynamics products offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to use them as standard, for ultra-fast development, or to customise them according to the specificities of your company.

Resco is a tool for local replication of your data. It offers simplified interfaces and extensive integration with iOs.

We selected this tool for its robustness and the granularity of the data to be made available for the uses outlined.

Jalix has partnered with SPHERE TELECOM, with whom we share the same sense of service, to offer turnkey solutions for the transport and management of your data, whether it be fibre optic links (FTTH, FTTO), IP telephony or mobile telephony solutions.

This partnership allows you to have a global approach to your projects such as, for example, SDWAN projects or securing mobile phones by managing them in Microsoft Intune (Microsoft Endpoint Manager)

Touchdown is an expert in marketing solutions integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft PowerApps. We take care of your customers' privacy to help you build a lasting relationship with them.

Touchdown is part of the Sarbacane Group, which has enjoyed growing success with SMEs since its creation in 2001. Its intuitive Email & SMS tool has largely contributed to its success and to satisfying more than 10,000 customers in 2020. Based in Lille and present in Paris, Barcelona and New York, Touchdown benefits from the international influence of the Sarbacane Group.

Helping all businesses to grow

There is a plethora of marketing tools that are more or less complex and dissociated from your business needs.
That's why we chose the unified marketing solution, combining modernity, efficiency and intuitiveness, which fits into all your business processes in your CRM, Microsoft Dynamics & PowerApps.
This solution is a natural fit with our Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem.

Whistlelink is a whistleblowing solution offering the easiest-to-implement platform for any organisation wishing to comply fully with the European Whistleblowing Directive 2019/1937. Whistlelink is available in over 35 different languages and provides you with an intuitive and customisable reporting form, comprehensive administration tools for monitoring and communication, as well as statistics and reports.

By combining the technical expertise of Jalix with cutting-edge technology from WhistlelinkIn addition to preventing potential risks, companies can also improve their organisational culture by encouraging transparency and accountability.

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