Your need is not an IT need but an IT business challenge that a technical solution must enable you to meet.

  • How can I keep track of my client files easily even when I'm on the move?
  • How can I invoice my customers very efficiently without re-entering data, and easily identify my margins as soon as I quote?
  • How to collaborate and share files easily between several people?

We present here some of the issues that most of our clients face and for which we provide support. The list is not exhaustive and we invite you to contact us for any other business issue not presented here.

In addition, we also address issues related to your business and for example, if you are :

  • You are a trading company and you want to optimise your processes, improve your productivity and efficiency ...
  • a fast-growing company and you want tools to support your development
  • a company or holding company in the process of being set up and you want tools that can be implemented very quickly and support you in your growth
  • a chartered accountant who wants to provide turnkey solutions to his clients, including a very high level of reporting.
  • a company with an important after-sales service requiring very efficient tools
  • a company with a sales force in the field that needs to be managed effectively

IT business issues: we know your business issues inside out!

The issues

No company can escape the progressive digitalisation of its customer relations. Presence on social networks, mobile and permanent communication, processing of the flow of information... Standards and codes are constantly being shaken up. Digital and connected, the new experiences developed by companies must be translated into turnover growth.

The transformation of user habits and the emergence of new consumer profiles at odds with traditional marketing and sales approaches have since made it necessary to consider the wide range of digital tools as the means for a more profound transformation of business models.

Our approach

JALIX assists companies in building new customer paths, from the prospecting phase to the management of complaints.

We are implementing an application CRM centralized, with the capacity to process and enrich the available information and turn it into concrete actions that generate turnover.

In addition, we offer additional fully compatible applications to develop advanced uses in mobility or marketing campaign management.

Our solution

Access the Office suite with Windows and take advantage of collaboration and productivity tools to improve your team's performance, securely! Work from anywhere, without constraints!

To enable a smooth transition to the cloud, adopt a multi-cloud and hybrid strategy like 75% for medium and large enterprises.

Don't waste any more time and information with this CRM solution that adapts to your needs and integrates fully with your office tools.

The issues

Outsourcing your IT infrastructure means entrusting the management or supervision of your ecosystem to a specialised external service provider such as Jalix, thus enabling your company to optimise your IT costs and to have hardware (and software solutions) at the cutting edge of security and efficiency. Entrust us with the management of your infrastructure for :

  • Maintain the IT infrastructure in operational condition with a high level of availability
  • Optimise the security of your business infrastructure and data protection
  • You ensure a successful digital transformation as you evolve your organisation and your ecosystem.

Our approach

Our solution outsourcing IT uses advanced monitoring tools. We provide real-time monitoring of the hardware (power, disks, memory, etc.) and functions (CPU, RAM, disk space, etc.) of your main server and network equipment. According to thresholds defined beforehand, our IT technicians are alerted in case of failure.

If a malfunction is reported, we intervene before it turns into a blocking failure for your company. Most IT failures can be avoided if incidents are detected in real time, thus limiting IT maintenance interventions.

A HelpDesk service team is at your disposal for any IT support request via our remote control tools. They guarantee high availability of your computer networks.

  • CONTROL: your users work in an environment and with IT tools that meet the requirements of your business
  • SECURITY: Your data is secured with access rights according to your wishes
  • EVOLUTION: Your infrastructure evolves according to the changes in your company but also according to your needs.

Our solution

Faced with the increasing complexity of information systems, refocusing your company on its core business, and entrusting us with the maintenance and management of your IT assets and applications.

The issues

A company's computer network is the basic foundation of its information system. It must meet the requirements of performance, reliability & availability, and security. A good company computer network is a necessary condition for the proper functioning of your IS applications and particularly sensitive real-time applications (IP telephony, videoconferencing, etc.).

Our approach

In order to guarantee the proper functioning of your network, Jalix assists you in the creation, optimisation & administration of your network architecture. Our network administrators and engineers and our partners ensure the complete management of your computer network to guarantee optimal business continuity.

  • Design of the network architecture
  • Choice of suitable equipment
  • Equipment configuration
  • Administration and supervision

Our areas of expertise

Our solution

Improve application performance and deliver a high quality user experience, increasing productivity and agility, while reducing IT costs.

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The issues

Information systems (IS) are at the heart of the infrastructure of all modern companies and now coordinate all their activities and processes, or are simply the determining factor of their activity. The planning of IT resources is a complex exercise, as they are called upon on a daily basis for maintenance or technical assistance and are required to work in parallel on medium and long-term projects.

Here are also the advantages of project management with Jalix:

For the company :

  1. Better communication between departments / teams
  2. An enhancement of skills
  3. Optimisation of costs and time allocated to these projects
  4. A project accomplishment

For the employee :

  1. Better team cohesion
  2. Better prioritisation of tasks
  3. Greater autonomy/empowerment offered
  4. A development of know-how

Our approach

We work in stages, relying on the tools of project management that have proved their worth. Collaborative work with our clients is permanent and systematically informed and shared to guarantee an optimal level of information.

With Jalix, there are 3 points to take into consideration to ensure that your project goes into production:

  • Acceptance, the aim of which is to validate the correct operation of the application, service, etc. through a series of tests,
  • The switchover to production, which must follow a very specific process in order to avoid technical incidents and then take into account the increase in user load,
  • Change management, which consists of helping users to get used to the new tool.

Our solutions

We support our clients in implementation projects where our management skills enable us to meet deadlines and our technical expertise enables us to understand the technical issues.

Thanks to its Carve-Out expertise and experience, JALIX has become a recognised player, especially when, in parallel to the Carve-Out, the ambitious new company has to build its new IS (often almost from scratch) and be agile by opting for Cloud solutions.

The issues

IT security has become a real concern for company directors and IT managers, as threats have multiplied in recent years. IT tools are an integral part of the functioning of companies, but also of public institutions. Its purpose is to simplify the tasks of the various employees, to save time, but also to store data which are confidential and which must only be handled by the actors concerned.

It has been proven that significant financial losses are linked to IT security and data protection problems every year in companies, at least when a good protection system has not been implemented.

It is therefore essential to be able to find an effective way of generating good security within one's structure, so as to be able to protect oneself from all the risks inherent in the use of a computer workstation, whether on the Internet or the intranet.

Our approach

As part of our services we have studied services of computer security based on solutions developed by specialised software publishers and manufacturers. Our particularity lies in the fact that we deploy the same solutions for all our clients, which allows us to master them perfectly.

In addition, we administer and supervise the servers and infrastructure of our contracted clients ourselves, which allows us to be very reactive in the event of an intrusion attempt.

We offer to audit your information system and present you our different solutions, contact us via the contact form.

Our solutions

JALIX offers a flash diagnosis of your information system to evaluate the conditions of implementation and secure the deployment of solutions. Our three-step approach, including audit & diagnosis, specifications and publisher consultation, can be revised according to the first decision milestones and is very agile.

In the age of digital technology, the challenges related to IT security have never been so important. Our expertise allows us to deploy ever more secure solutions, and to further strengthen our turnkey services.