Shorten distances and improve security with SD-WAN

Mobility and the management of interconnections between the different sites of your company are very important issues in terms of performance, security and costs.

The new Secure SD-WAN solutions allow you to benefit from the best performance of your links, in complete security and with significant financial gains compared to traditional WANs, particularly MPLS.

The SD-WAN becomes the backbone of your IS, reliable, robust and scalable, allowing you to accelerate your growth by enabling your employees to work from anywhere in optimal conditions and for the IT department to have complete control of your WAN to ensure security and resilience.

The SD-WAN is also an indispensable asset in your digital transformation by integrating the solutions Cloud within the IS skeleton.

JALIX has partnered with Fortinet, the world leader in Secure SD-WANfor the excellence of its solutions and equipment and to the operator SPHERE TELECOM for offering a turnkey solution, from the telecom link to the management of the SD-WANand its deployment.

What is SD-WAN?

An SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide Area Network) is a WAN architecture that takes full advantage of technological advances and allows direct interconnection to trusted SaaS and IaaS providers and all your sites (headquarters, branches, offices, warehouses...) in a very secure and intelligent way using a centralized control function.

This architecture improves application performance and delivers a high quality user experience, increasing productivity and agility, while reducing IT costs by allowing the aggregation of different links, exploiting the full range of possible speeds, and providing better service continuity through automatic management rules.

Why is SD-WAN important?

The bandwidth requirements of a company are constantly increasing, especially with Cloud Computing. Traditional WAN solutions required increasing the number of links, most of which were FFTOs, which are certainly very efficient but also very expensive. However, not all your flows are equally important and SD-WAN allows you to aggregate different links (FTTO and FTTH for example) by taking advantage of the best of each link while simplifying management and devices that allow you to adapt in real time according to the performance of your links.
The fact that you can use different types of connections very easily allows you to reduce the time needed for implementation.

Faced with the challenges of Cloud Computing, SD-WAN solutions have been designed to integrate natively with Cloud Computing and in particular with the major players: Azure, AWS, etc., but also with more traditional hosting providers. This flexibility is an essential asset for your IS.

Thanks to the optimal use of your links, and the fact that you can mix FTTH and FTTO links, you can considerably reduce your telecom costs while benefiting from much higher bandwidths. Moreover, the resilience of your links is not an "assurance" of availability but an "assurance" of performance. Indeed, the traditional "active/passive" is over, and you can switch to "active/active". All your links are permanently in use

Security is critical for businesses and SD-WAN allows for centralized security and continuous monitoring.

The benefits of Secure SD-WAN in a nutshell

SD-WAN is a powerful, cost-effective, flexible and simplified alternative to traditional WAN solutions for interconnecting all your sites and applications in the cloud.

  • Reduction of telecom costs (OPEX and CAPEX) related to the WAN
  • More flexibility and control
  • Better resilience
  • Best performance
  • Better robustness and safety