With a presence in France, in the main cities, with about twenty addresses, l'Atelier des Chefs made the choice, from its creation, to outsource the management of its information system. In order to control costs and to have only one contact person for the IT part, l'Atelier des Chefs entrusted the outsourcing of its IS to Jalix.


Following the retirement of the director of information systems with whom L'Atelier des Chefs worked until 2011, François Bergerault, who wished to continue outsourcing his IS, launched a call for tenders for the management and maintenance of his IS before the summer of 2011. With this new partner, L'Atelier des Chefs also wanted to benefit from visibility on the various projects to be implemented, in addition to daily support and user assistance. In addition to its needs in terms of management, L'Atelier des Chefs, which saw its activity grow in 2011, wanted to have budget monitoring and forecasting. Through this consultation, L'Atelier des Chefs wanted to keep a single contact for the IT part.

Solution / Implementation

Since September 2011, Jalix has taken over the management of the information system of the Atelier des Chefs by taking care of the maintenance of the 100 PCs and the 2 servers in order to ensure the proper functioning of the information system, to solve any problems and to manage the user support. A set of tools and applications make up the Atelier des Chefs' information system, with mainly: a Cegid ERP, directly managed by the editor, a website hosted by NBS (including a booking tool and a back office) and linked to the ERP, which allows the Atelier des Chefs to do CRM. For its activity dedicated to companies and professionals, L'Atelier des Chefs also has a document management software.

Advantages and benefits

Jalix was consulted for the choice of the host and participated in the organisation of an audit for the "web development" part, which is now provided by the company SOON. Jalix intervenes on the flows between the various bricks, only in the capacity of "council". Jalix manages the network architecture with the developer of the Atelier des Chefs, in terms of security and backup. Jalix also accompanies the Atelier des Chefs on important projects with the drafting of specifications and a set of recommendations. Currently, a project is under consideration: the migration of the messaging system to the Cloud.