17 January 2022

Faced with the abundant offer of application publishers, there is a real fear of being overtaken by competitors, which can freeze the decision making process. 

It is clear that within the range of strategies available to management to strengthen their market position, the revision of application and infrastructure foundations is a necessary lever to support this process, to gain in agility but also in efficiency. However, the statistics on the success of IT projects are discouraging, even though organisations have gained a great deal of experience over the years. There is still much room for improvement and the promise of more agile technologies is not always borne out in terms of time and budget. To guarantee the success of projects, our most successful experiences remind us that it is essential to respect several principles from the study phase which will evaluate the options
available: involve stakeholders in the decision-making process; immediately project operational ambitions; focus the analysis on business, sectoral and organisational specificities; assess the adherence between organisations and systems; define the technical and functional requirements of the target solution; clarify and share selection criteria; identify solutions that meet the requirements and limit specific developments as much as possible, in order to guarantee adaptability over time.
But choosing the next software foundation is a decision that requires resources and a schedule that is sometimes incompatible with the need to transform rapidly. to these difficulties must obviously be added the mastery of business processes that are anchored in user habits, generating obstacles to change and
making it difficult to set up more transversal organisations.

JALIX proposes a three-step approach including audit, diagnosis, specifications and animation of the editor consultation, which can be revised according to the first decision milestones. This is presented to us by Cédric Ternois, Founder and President. In a few words, how does JALIX respond to the challenges of its customers with this flash diagnostic offer?