26 April 2018

As sales cycles become longer with the development of new digital uses, communicating with customers has never been more important. The JALIX Customer Relationship Management offer provides companies with new levers to boost their sales.
No company can escape the progressive digitalisation of its customer relations. Presence on social networks, mobile and permanent communication, processing of the flow of information... Standards and codes are constantly being shaken up. Digital and connected, the new experiences developed by companies must be translated into turnover growth. The transformation of user habits, and the emergence of new consumer profiles at odds with traditional marketing and sales approaches, have since made it necessary to consider the wide range of digital tools as the means for a more profound transformation of business models. Sales cycles are extending over time, as a result of the significant lengthening of the consideration and evaluation phases, which no longer coincide so clearly with the act of buying. Identifying the prospect at the right moment in this cycle is essential to their conversion, but requires the ability to analyse their behaviour in order to push relevant, personalised and contextualised content. For companies of all sizes, this translates into very concrete challenges: how to capitalise on the information available? How to focus on the most promising prospects? How to increase efficiency and automation?
With their ability to process large volumes of data and intelligently automate multiple touch points, new business applications are able to handle this complexity but must also support the sales force, whose job has also evolved.

JALIX assists its clients in their strategic thinking to define new directions to meet the following objectives:

- Effective communication and control of customer knowledge with constant data processing and better information sharing
- Prioritised sales activities and shortened sales cycles with more efficient management of activities and better prioritisation
-Improved customer experience with smoother paths, personalised information and more responsive services
-Complementary applications to build your company's digital approach: mobility, marketing campaigns, dematerialisation, etc.

As a long-standing partner of Microsoft, publisher of the Dynamics 365 solution, JALIX brings its expertise as an integrator and consultant to offer turnkey projects to equip your sales force and your customer relations departments

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