9 September 2022

Jalix supports medium and intermediate companies in the management of IT infrastructures adapted to their business problems, through complete solutions.

The information systems integrator-consultant

The digitalisation of services is no longer an issue for SMEs and SMBs, which have now all passed this stage. The main concern for most managers is to find a trusted partner to setting up and managing information systems. Few medium-sized companies internalise this function, which is why experts like Jalix offer their services and provide support from A to Z.

Since 2006, Jalix has been providing all medium and large companies with the skills of senior consultants to ensure optimal management of the infrastructure, but also the creation of IS and, more recently, support in the transition during IT carve-outs.

Cédric Ternois manages Jalix from Crépy-en-Valois (Oise) and Savoie. This former Director of Information Systems in a group of SMEs created his structure to offer agile services, adapted to companies with 500 to 1,500 employees. "My experience with these companies has shown me that they often need to be managed in an industrial way, without having the resources of a large group. It is therefore necessary to provide flexible solutions and responsive teams at reasonable costs.

Technological expertise and 360° support

Jalix builds its customers' information systems with customised 100 % solutions. The company works in particular with Microsoft Azure for all Cloud hosting and with Microsoft 365 for all associated services: messaging, online backup solutions, secure file sending, mobile device management, etc. To interconnect remote sites, Jalix favours Fortinet's SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) solutions, a service that separates the infrastructure from the control of the wide area network and makes it easy to manage all connections, wherever they are.

But let's not get too technical. That's exactly what the Jalix experts are there for. The team consists of fifteen people, all specialists in their field, who provide dedicated on-site monitoring, predictive maintenance and rapid repairs. The hotline can be reached by e-mail, chat or telephone and provides professional answers to customers' questions and doubts.

Whatever the challenges they face, Jalix's long-standing clients continue to place their trust in them and the company has been growing by 30 to 40 % per year since 2020. As the two managing partners are highly invested in the operational side of the business, each arbitration is quick, and clients never stay for long without an appropriate response.

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