21 December 2017

With its "IT Performance" service offering in outsourcing and infrastructure, JALIX ensures the performance of information systems and provides organisations with the levers necessary for the development of their activities. Our mission: to free organisations from IT constraints.

Never before have companies launched so many projects to strengthen their processes through new digital tools. The information system is becoming a nerve centre within organisations, and as applications multiply, the pressure naturally increases.

How to maintain a global technological coherence? How to manage service contracts with a multitude of different editors? How can sensitive data be effectively secured at a time when the threat of cyber attacks is becoming a reality, including within SMEs? These are the issues that organisations must address when building their information systems. And all of this at a time when users are demanding flexibility and agility, which is also legitimate in view of the challenges faced by the business departments at the same time. This is what an IS Performance approach must address.

At JALIX, we offer our customers concrete solutions to simplify their decision-making and focus on their core business. Managing an information system requires specific skills and resources that can be difficult to manage in the long term, especially without sacrificing agility or responsiveness. Our infrastructure and outsourcing offers are a lever of optimisation for companies of all sizes.

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